• A safe, beautiful golden tan.

Sun tanning is literally a hot topic. On the one hand, there is clear evidence that too much sun is bad for us, with the potential for skin damage leading to skin cancer.

On the other hand, we need some sun to produce vitamin D for a healthy body and. Let’s face it, most of us feel good when we’ve got a bit of a tan!

One answer is to use a good quality sunless tanning system. Forget the self-tan products you may have tried in the past and been disappointed with. We have been hugely impressed by the results from the new range we have brought in from Sienna X, an award-winning professional treatment.

This system has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. People really do find it a super solution. We hand apply the tan in the salon, and you can prolong the effect with extra product at home. Just don’t forget to use a sunscreen in addition to the self-tan cream.

Sienna X comes in two different formulations, one a gradual glowing self tan containing coconut, aloe vera, almond oil and cocoa butter, and the other a dark glowing tan with a guide colour to help an even application and containing green tea and calendula to help prevent premature ageing. Both are suitable for all skin types, have an anti-cellulite formulation and are paraben and cruelty free.