Sentéales Facials

Sentéales Facials

  • Dry skin
  • Ageing skin
  • Problem skin
  • Teenage issues
  • Eczema
  • Redness/rosacea.

Sentéales treatments form part of our unique three-pronged approach to health and beauty. Dietary and lifestyle guidance to get the body correctly fuelled and active, nutritional support to add any essential vitamins and other nutrients missing in today’s frantic world and efficacious topical treatments to work on the skin directly.

For this topical requirement, you will probably know I am impressed I have always been with the products and the thinking behind them from French skincare scientist Carole Franck. Many of our clients received excellent results from using her carefully-formulated, plant-based active elixirs and treatments.

Now I am excited and very pleased to say that Carole and her family have created a new brand with a new name, Sentéales. And the even more exciting news is that the products seem to be better than ever!

They have taken the opportunity to revisit the formulations and make them even more effective and versatile, of course still using active compounds from plant essential oils but taking into account the increasing problem of sensitive skin. Their dry oils get right down to the dermis, treating problems at their root here at the base of the skin.

Facials based on these Sentéales products include treatments specifically designed for hydration, improving the blood, anti-ageing and teenage problem skin.