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More than forty-five years after I qualified as a Health & Beauty therapist, my philosophy remains the same. Looking your best on the outside depends completely on the well-being of your body on the inside. Applying this holistic thinking for you personally means that choosing the right treatments and products is best done according to your skin type.

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  • As a living organ of the body, the skin is affected by many factors including genetics, environment, stress and hormones, as well as some things which are more manageable like diet, circulation and hydration. Improving your skin’s condition therefore needs a three-pronged approach on the following controllable areas: your eating habits and lifestyle, the internal support given by any nutritional supplements and the nourishment from any topical skincare.

    Here at the clinic, we have a lifetime’s knowledge of these factors gathered from so many sources – but mainly from clients themselves, working with them to find solutions to sometimes very complex skin issues. Of course, having the right products is essential and, having searched the world, there are two brands which achieve fantastic results.

    For topical skincare, the Sentéales range is the reason that I am still so passionate about educating and helping clients. What makes this brand unique? Sentéales is a luxurious botanical skincare range that harnesses the healing power of essential oils using over fifty years of extensive research in the use of essential oils in modern skincare formulations. These products nurture and nourish the skin using the purest plant-based ingredients.

    Thinking now about the inner you, and my own philosophy of Beauty through Health, I was delighted when we found the Advanced Nutrition Programme. Unlike any other supplement range, it links the gut to the skin, engineering specialist vitamin supplements that directly support and improve skin health. This unique approach is all the more exciting when you realise that all skin problems originate from imbalances in the gut.

    So, by combining topical skincare products from Sentéales with the support of the Advanced Nutrition programme skin-specific supplements, we have the tools necessary to help you on your journey to better skin health and appearance. (And for the third part of our three-pronged approach, we have salon-based programmes to help you optimise diet and lifestyle).

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Rhona explained: “Coming up to 45 years in the industry, my philosophy remains very firmly the same as when I started out. Optimising our potential, and to be as beautiful as you can be, actually starts on the inside, which is why our treatments and therapies work at a much deeper understanding of the skin and body than conventional beauty therapies. I call this approach ‘Beauty through Health’.

“While my thinking remains the same, technology marches on. So I am proud to bring together the latest and most effective treatments and products to our Taunton clinic, letting our clients here in the Southwest have access to the very best therapies available.”

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