Professional Make-up & Lessons

Professional Make-up & Lessons

  • No-feel make-up
  • A better knowledge of make-up
  • A make-up make-over

Our superb range of Jane Iredale make-up is made from compressed minerals. There are talc and chemical free and fully sensitivity tested.

The minerals are so light you can even forget that you have it on. This really is the ‘no-feel’ make-up! It allows the skin to breathe and is easy to retouch during the day without removing. Therefore, making it ideal for busy people.

We offer make-up treatments for day make-up and for special occasions and, occasionally, make-over sessions. Please call the clinic for more details.

Professional Make-Up
Make-Up Lessons
Jane Iredale Mineral Make-Up

In addition we can offer make-up lessons. This thorough instruction tells you about your skin and facial colouring, and recommends the most appropriate make-up colours to enhance your best features.

It includes practical demonstrations of correct application for your eyes, eyebrows, blusher, foundation, powder, lip liner and lip gloss. Plus a take-away reminder card to use at home.

Jane Iredale cosmetics are also available for home purchase.