Body Gold Lymphatic Drainage

Body Gold Lymphatic Drainage

  • Puffy legs
  • Cellulite
  • Aching veins
  • Discoloured skin.

Cellulite is probably the most disliked of all skin conditions! Even if you are slim, cellulite can still appear on the legs and buttocks with age.

Much of this is due to our fast food eating habits and inappropriate exercise regime. To understand this condition and help relieve it one needs both salon treatment and everyday homecare.

In the Body Gold Lymphatic Drainage treatment, camphor, menthol and other Sentéales essential oils are used to combust fat and drain fluids from puffy legs, relieving aching veins and improving skin discolouration.

This strengthens the veins, stimulates a sluggish circulation and aids the release of toxins which are the cause of that stubborn cellulite.