Cellular Detox

Cellular Detox

  • Excess weight
  • Poor digestion
  • IBS or bloated tummy
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Tiredness
  • Lack of energy.

Cellular Detox is an exciting new process which creates the foundation of a more healthy body, on which other treatments can work much more effectively and quickly. In fact, it even overcomes the very reason why most diets don’t seem to work.

It consists of a combination of technological treatments. Using gentle stimulation of key points on the body, with a carefully controlled, nutritionally-balanced eating plan, to help the body cleanse itself down to a cellular level. During the programme you can eat as much as you like of these correct foods.

Fat and toxins are removed from your legs, arms and stomach and hardened mucoloid plaque from the intestinal walls. The changes are monitored by taking body image photographs at the beginning and through the treatment. This intensive cleansing gives the body a fresh start and provides a basis, along with the information to change your lifestyle, for lasting effects which can remain for years to come.

Thermal body image taken before treatment

Thermal body image taken after treatment

The cleansed body is then able to process food properly, so an improved diet has much better and quicker results, leading to clinically proven improvements in weight loss, vitality, anti-ageing and general well-being. Many people have expressed astonishment at the way it has given them back their energy levels and the drive to live more fulfilling lives.

The required course is three one-hour sessions per week over a one-month period, making twelve sessions in all. Due to the cumulative nature of this treatment, there is no shorter course availability. Before starting this programme we will conduct a thorough consultation to discuss the treatments. Plus offer nutritional advice and check for outstanding medical conditions which might make a detox programme unsuitable for you.

The course includes the technological treatments, body system imaging, dietary consultation and a take-home reference file with a diet and exercise plan.

What do people say about Cellular Detox?

“Rhona – some weeks ago I came to you a complete wreck, and left the other day after my last appointment feeling absolutely amazing. Thank you for all your help, and enabling me to regain my self esteem and feel so good. Thanks also to your girls.”