The must-have product for your face & body

Short on time, always in a hurry? Then we’d like to introduce to you this must-have product for your face & body: Aromelia Rejuv’Oil.

This is the most powerful dry aromatic oil yet from Madame Christiane Benet and Rhona has been using it in conjunction with our Sentéales Aromatic Spray, and she highly recommends it.

She was concentrating on her neck – décolleté – and arms during the lockdown with fantastic results.

The benefits

  1. ANTI-AGEING – it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin using seed extracts of lupin, passionflower, centella asiatica and tomato carotenoids.
  1. ANTIOXIDANT – it improves elasticity and skin tightening using borage, almonds and olives, and is great for the jawline and neck.
  1. REFINING ACTION – it detoxifies, burns fat and tones. It also refines and reshapes the silhouette; smoothing thighs, hips and your stomach, helping to reduce recent stretch marks using marine plankton (micro-algae).

How does this work when other products claim similar benefits?

It is all about the high percentage of plants and essential oils used, and how they work in unison with your skin’s own natural function.

This product reconnects and stimulates your circulation, which is vital in bringing oxygen to your skin, waking up collagen and elastin production, because, as we age, we lose this very important connection.

This dry oil will complement your clinic treatment, whether its Venus Freeze, HydraFacial or laser.

It’s made from 100% natural essential oils of lemon, rosemary, sage, mint and thyme too.

It comes in two sizes a 30ml priced £32.50 and a 100ml size, priced at £92.50.

Call us today on 01823 271 367 or email to find our more or to buy this product.

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