Refreshing Tonic Lotion


Refreshes and soothes skin after cleansing


With invigorating green tea, zesty grapefruit and soothing marigold and kelp, this lotion freshens, tones and soothes skin after cleansing. Sweep on with a cotton pad to complete your cleansing ritual and to prep skin before you apply moisturiser or serum. Available sizes: 50ml ; 200ml

Leaves skin feeling fresh and optimises skincare.

Key ingredients:
Green Tea
– Camellia sinesis or Green Tea is rich in polyphenols which have potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties.
English Marigold Extract – Also known as calendula, this botanical extract reduces inflammation, is an effective antiseptic and is a natural antioxidant.
Kelp – Sea kelp is rich in healing iodine and toning and moisturising minerals. It forms an invisible film on the skin, helping to slow down water loss.

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50ml, 200ml


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