Purity Mask


A purifying and brightening mask for dull skin


Our anti-fatigue, radiance-boosting mask purifies, brightens and relaxes skin in one. Delicately scented, Purity Mask is a combination of the purest botanical and marine extracts and clarifying China clay to tighten, brighten and tone all skin types. Skin feels softer, smoother and visibly refreshed.

For clearer and more radiant skin.

Key ingredients:
Gentian Root Extract
– This plant extract has cooling, anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and heal red, irritated skin. Gentian root also helps to treat uneven skin pigmentation by blocking tyrosinase, the enzyme involved in melanin production.
Samphire – A natural skin soother, sea samphire has powerful radiance boosting and anti-aging properties. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
China Clay – China or Kaolin clay originate from Kaoling in China. Rich in kaolinite, a soothing mineral which helps to brighten skin tone, China clay gently cleanses and softens even the most sensitive of skins.


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