Just what should we be eating? Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

Just what should we be eating? 

Just what should we be eating? 5-a-day? 7-a-day? People can make their health and weight problems worse by eating too little all day – and then falling off the wagon with a bump with a desperate coffee and biscuits, or bingeing in the evening.

Sugar consumption

So, vegetables are great, and fruit is good in moderation. But the big problem in our diets is not whether to have six portions of veg or seven, it’s the constant consumption of sugar, whether obviously in pastries and sweets or hidden in pre-prepared meals, cereals, slimming products and so on.

Take control

If there is one rule I would follow, it’s to take control of your sugar input. After this, you can relax and eat as many apples, carrots and broccoli spears as you like!

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