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Getting married this year? Countdown guide

Every year I am surprised how little thought people getting married give to their skin preparation, their colour theme and the make-up they intend to wear.

The living record of your special day will be the photographs and, these days, the social media posts, so getting your hair, skin and make-up just right is vital.

This isn’t a quick fix, as having glowing, radiant skin and looking your very best on the big day, takes planning. Timing is crucial too.

Choose your therapist wisely

Research, in plenty of time, a reputable beauty therapist. Just chatting on the phone can give you a good idea if they are right for you and ask them if they will let you come in for a free consultation – remember we live in a very media-led world, so looking at websites alone often isn’t enough, as what is promised isn’t always delivered.

Be colour conscious

Colour Analysis is a great way to plan the colour scheme. You need to complement your skin tone, finding out whether you are a warm or cool ‘season’ person. This will decide what is best suited to you – a white, ivory or cream wedding dress – which is very important, as this is the only colour you are wearing.

Expert skin and diet advice

Advice on your skin is vital before you get married. I see so many brides with dry, irritated skin, and the inevitable spots that erupt due to stress, not drinking enough water and using the wrong products.

At least three months before the wedding, seek some expert advice for diet and have a professional facial with a good homecare programme. Salon-based products are more effective in general than cosmetic counter products. Drink more water to hydrate the skin, avoid stodgy carbs and cut back on sugar.

Lashes and brows

Eyelash tinting is brilliant as it gives a good base for mascara application, avoiding the clogged look. A skin test is required for this treatment. If lash extensions are your thing, try them the month before. Don’t go for a full-on look because, as photographers will say, you can’t actually see the eyes.

Eyebrows should be shaped at the same time – another very important feature, as they frame your eyes. If you have over plucked, allow a couple of months to sort them out.

Tans and hair removal

If you want a self-tan, please try it the month before to make sure you don’t end up orange! Personally, I prefer a manually applied self-tan, as it won’t end up on your dress; spray tans can be disastrous and you don’t want this before you get married!

Remove unwanted hair by regular waxing or investing in IPL treatments. Again, this should have been started during the winter months, and you should moisturise the skin twice a day.

Nails and make-up

Arrange a pedicure and manicure, but please avoid the tip-ex tipped shovel look!

Book your make-up for the wedding party ‘on the day’ at home or in the venue, to have a relaxed morning.

Final countdown week

After all this planning comes the final countdown for appointments during the week of the wedding:

Monday – body massage and facial

Tuesday – eyelash tint or extensions; hair removal for legs, underarms etc.

Thursday – self tan with exfoliation; pedicure

Friday – eyebrows shaped; manicure

Saturday – home or venue visit by professional therapist and hair stylist.

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